RGB colour conversion [was: sun path overlay]

Very nice page.

On a related note (and related to the colour picker

I tried to implement a colour conversion from RGB (display) to
RGB (Radiance) for my Sketchup exporter with information I could
find in the archive and on the web. I had some sort of conversion
working but the closest match is achieved by using the RGB values
directly in Radiance (without any of the -> XYZ -> xyY -> etc steps).

So I'm wondering: Do you have to convert the colour triples at
all to get a visual match in Radiance? And if so, has anyone
already written a script for this or can point out a simple
documentation on the process?



On 4 Apr 2008, at 22:40, Axel Jacobs wrote:

Hi all,

thought you might find this useful in combination with the new
stereographic projection: