Rfluxmtx: too many arguments!

Hello all,

I’m trying to compute form factors with Radiance inside a box composed of 432 triangles patches. To do that, I follow the method showed in the presentation of the last workshop : https://www.radiance-online.org/community/workshops/2018-loughborough/presentations/09-RadianceInThermalComfortSimulationsWithCFS.pdf page 9/23.

I’m using rfluxmtx with a “receiver” file composed of 432 triangles and I get the error message:

rfluxmtx: too many arguments!

I tried to reduce the quantity of receiver triangles to 20 to check and it work. Is it possible to increase the amount of receiver that rfluxmtx can manage?

I also checked the source code of rfluxmtx.c and found this:

#define MAXRCARG 512

char progname; / global argv[0] */

int verbose = 0; /* verbose mode (< 0 no warnings) */

char *rcarg[MAXRCARG+1] = {“rcontrib”, “-fo+”};
int nrcargs = 2;

const char overflowerr[] = “%s: too many arguments!\n”;

any idea?

Thank you and best regards,


Do you actually have 432 separate receiver surfaces, with separate modifiers? If it is just one receiver composed of 432 (or however many) triangles, then it should not run up against this limitation. I suppose having so many receivers was not a case I considered, but the value for MAXRCARG could certainly be increased to 10000 or so if needed. You will still be limited to a couple of thousand receivers, I think. (After that, the UNIX system will refuse any more arguments.)