Replying to messages via email


since none of my recent email-replies to messages I received through “discourse” got through, is this functionality enabled at all? All I get is this replies after a while:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESEND YOUR MESSAGE. Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed. The reason for the problem: 4.4.2 - Bad connection ‘timeout’

Reporting-MTA: dns; Final-Recipient: rfc822; Action: delayed Status: 4.0.0 (temporary failure) Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 4.4.2 - Bad connection ‘timeout’ (delivery attempts: 0) Will-Retry-Until: 29 Feb 2020 23:28:42 -0800

Best, Lars.

Hi Lars -

I’ve cleaned up the naming of the hosts running so the email server reverse checks will all point to instead of

Hopefully this will clear up the problem…


This is a test to reply by email!

Hey, I want to get in on the testing, too, now that it seems to be working…


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I just received this new posting via email.

Email posting might just be working…

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Nice! now the question is if it works for Lars. :slight_smile:

It IS. Thanks @defuller for figuring it out. @Lars_Grobe you should give it a try again now.

Is it still working for you?


If you can see this then yes!

Yes. I can see it ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Ok, here it is. My TRY :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into this!! Lars

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Nice! Thank you @Lars_Grobe. @Jan_Wienold, can you also give it a try and see if this has resolved your issue with replying by email too?

this is now my trial from EPFL-account.

hope it works as well.

thanks for fixing this!


… and it worked! :tada::balloon::partying_face:

Test email message for mailgate switchover number 2

I’ll say…this could be working.

That’s a wonder its still working.

Yes, it is quite a wonder that it continues to seem to be working.

It’s on it’s way to become working again…

I’m not quite sure but it could be ready for mail again.