Rendering with radiance suggestions

Hi @Charles_Ehrlich

For next version of RwR, I suggest that section 5.2.2 which points to torad and radout also included obj2rad. This is also the utility that honeybee/ladybug uses.

If only another RwR were in the cards… Many things came after this text was written back in 1998, so it’s surprising it contains as much still-relevant information as it does.

So, agreed, obj2rad should be mentioned in the next edition. Anyone want to volunteer to work on such a project?

Could it be made in a way where the community can suggest changes, like with github etc.

It would be nice if we used a shared digital version where one could read other peoples comments. Instead of post-its in my hardback :slight_smile: Unsure if that exists in other formats than lets say a shared google document where people can pay to be invited to, rather than downloading the paid pdf.

Or at least for now keep a list of relevant changes in one place, so whenever “someone” “might” look at a rewrite, there’s already a great community created suggestion list.

And yes, I guess a total updated rewrite is also appreciated, especially for the new comers who have not followed this project for 20-30 years.