*Rendering with Radiance* availability

This is a reminder that the basic reference *Rendering with Radiance* is still available, both from me in softcover for $35 + shipping and handling and in print-on-demand hardcover from Chas Ehrlich for $80 on Amazon. I also have four misprints left that I'll ship anywhere in the USA for $12, total.

The Amazon hardcovers are the second printing. They are print-on-demand books and (Chas tells me) the cover looks a bit rough They are available for US$80 + shipping at:
(don't even worry about the over-priced ones that Amazon lists; the pricing seems to be the result of some weird Amazon thing.)

My softcovers are the third printing and contain some additional corrections to the mathematics. They are available for US$35 + shipping through my web site (or just write me) at:

Truth in marketing: there will eventually be a cheap or free PDF version of the book, but don’t hold your breath. Amazon’s shipping prices outside of the USA may be better than mine . . . or not, I really don’t know.


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