Rendering background images

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding rendering background images. In my case i am building a model with Rhino 7 and rendering with ClimateStudio which is a Radiance tool plugin.

My question is if i want to set a background to the windows in my model, is my option only to model out the background or is there a way i can place a background into the rendering? I understand it is possible to do so if i am using open source Radiance just by adding an environment map, but not sure how i can go about it if i am using a plugin instead.

Thanks for the assistance

Hi Desmond,

There is no way to modify the Radiance calls we’ve put into ClimateStudio, so you can’t do this. The Radiance source files are dumped out to a folder if you need to access them to roll your own calculation.


Hi Alstan,
Thanks for the reply.

I assume you are from ClimateStudio, may i know if your company has a email support? As i tried finding it online but couldn’t find an email.

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Hello Desmond, it is [email protected].