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thank you Rob


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Just realized I never actually cc'd the list on this reply…

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Hello Imene,

This error means that you do not have the "csh" script interpreter. The makeall script is written in csh, so when you try to run it, you get that error. It's odd that you don't have csh, most Linux systems leave it installed even though the "bash" interpreter is used more often. Can you tell us a little more about what system you're using?

I have copied the radiance-general mailing list because there are a couple of other options people could point you to for help. Bernd Zeimetz maintains an installer package for Debian systems, which would be super easy if you can install .deb packages on your system. NREL maintains a package with a "self installing script" option, but ours is written to use the "sh" interpreter, and if you don't have csh, you probably don't have sh either. Radiance listers also have other tricks up their sleeves.

My advice is to go to this link:

…and sign up for the radiance-general list. I also advise you do NOT sign up for digest delivery mode, because then you only get updates once a day.

See you on the list!

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I want install radiance on linux, I downloadedthe software rad4R1all.tar.gz fromsite :
However, by writing ./makeall install as it is mentioned in the readme I got the following message: bash: . makeall : /bin/csh : bad interpreter: No such file or directory
How can I resolve this problem and how can I install radiance?
Thank you in advance
National SchoolofArchitecture and Urbanism of Tunis

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