radzilla gui version

Hi all,

some news for the more adventurous folks: there's a new QT based gui version of radzilla available now, see the download section of the radzilla page. To avoid misunderstandings, it doesn't provide any CAD input or the like, (there are other projects aiming at this already) but focuses
on making octree generation, scene preview/rendering, parameter setting etc. more convenient. The stuff is still in an alpha state and not complete, nevertheless I think time has come to publish it for the first testing . There's also an additional manual for it, providing at least the basic overview to get you started.

As I combine the trip to Canada for the workshop with some holiday, I will be out of reach for the upcoming weeks, leaving you pretty much alone
with this stuff, so be prepared to wait a bit longer for answers from me :slight_smile:

Good luck & have fun