Radiance Workshop 2023 - Preliminary program online

Dear Radiance fellows,

we are happy to announce that we have received great feedback on the call for abstracts for this year’s Radiance Workshop with numerous great suggestions for presentations. From this, we could set up a preliminary program with amazing talks scheduled for both workshop days.
You can find the tentative program on the workshop website: https://www.radianceworkshop2023.com/#_Agenda

The registration is also open: Radiance Workshop 2023 Eng – University of Innsbruck
Don’t miss the chance to be there!
And don’t forget to also register for the free tour on the additional excursion day on Thursday as well.

We are looking forward to welcoming many of you in Innsbruck in a bit more than two months!

Best regards,


Hi David/organizers!

Will there be an option to “attend” via webconference this year? :crossed_fingers:

Hi Rob,

we’ll check the possibilities to follow the talks on the two workshop days at least. When we have decided about it, I’ll reach out via the list again…

It’s a pity you can’t make it to Innsbruck this year!

Sounds good, David. Yes, I was thinking just for the two days of workshop presentations, for the virtual attendance option. I know they almost always are a tech support headache, but it’s better than nothing! Yeah, I do wish I could attend in person and hike some of those mountains with you, but, alas.

Hi Rob, hi all,

as requested, we will additionally offer an online attendance possibility for the two workshop days with presentations (29 & 30 August) for all those who unfortunately cannot make it to Innsbruck. We added the option on the workshop website and the booking platform.

For all of you attending on site, we would kindly ask you to register before July 31 to help us with the organization of the event.

See you soon - online or in Innsbruck!

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This is great, David! I will “see” you all there, then! And Carsten too?!