Radiance Workshop 2023 in Innsbruck: 28.-30.08.2023 (updated!)

Dear Radiance enthusiasts,

I am happy to announce that next year’s Radiance Workshop will take place in Innsbruck, Austria.

We plan to follow the proven format with

  • one tutorial day on Monday, 28. August 2023, and
  • two workshop days with presentations on Tuesday, 29., and Wednesday, 30. August 2023.

We checked dates of other relevant and related conferences and found there should not be any overlaps. If you are still aware of any coincidence, please let us know. As usual, we will announce a call for presentations and provide further information in early 2023 here on the mailing list.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you to Innsbruck, the “Capital of the Alps”!

Best regards,

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Hi David,
There is the CISBAT conference in the same week (with typically some daylight sessions), that we organize at EPFL. see here: https://cisbat.epfl.ch/
An overlap would be super unfortunate…
what about two weeks before?

Since its moved we should update the title of this post so people on the front page don’t get confused :slight_smile:

Good point, thanks!
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Updated now - so all dates for the 2023 workshop that appear on the list are identical to avoid confusion…

Hi everybody,

How and when to register for this? What costs do I have to expect?


Hi Simon,

we will set up a website for the workshop with the relevant details, a call for presentations and the registration information in early 2023.
For the costs you can have a look at this year’s workshop details here - we expect them to be in a similar range next year.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Innsbruck!
Best regards,