Radiance Vs Radiosity / texturing

Mark de la Fuente wrote:

And last but not least, what is the trick on page 55? Replicating image maps in a way that their pattern does not become repetitive. Are we talking about making sure the edges match-up and that the image is generally uniform?

Yes, the second example had low frequencies removed from the image to be tiled. Radiance's "normpat" script does this within the Radiance framework, as do other image processing packages (e.g. "gimp"). Efficient texturing is also helped by blending the texture to some downsampled texture or uniform color if the observer is too far away to resolve the fine texture. (note to devs: That brings up the request for the angle-per-pixel issue again. Not to mention mip-mapping built into Radiance's texturing, and therefor crossposted to the dev list.)


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