Radiance Tutorial Question

Hello all,

I am following the instructions in Radiance Tutorial with a MacOS stystem.

when I tried to get a hdr pic from rvu and rpict command, there showed this jag, blur thing on the edge of the object.

I’ve tried -x -y -ps and -dj options, but I don’t think that improves at all.
My command line is:

rpict -vp 10 10 10.3 -vd -1 -1 - .98 -vh 5 -vv 5 -ps 1 -ab 2 -e .1 -dj 0 chair.oct > chair_rpict.hdr

and this is what I got:

Could anyone help me with this, please? Many thanks.

Hi Angnat,

you seem to be referring to the shadow cast by the back rest onto the seat. Your chair.oct seems to contain at least two light sources (suns). This is looks very much like what objpict would produce, which places three sun-like lightsources in the scene, just to have some light.

You can confirm what objects and light sources you compiled into the octree by running

$ getinfo chair.oct

You’ll probably find a rad file named lights.rad or suns.rad in the output?



Hi Angnat,

If you are referring to the aliased edges in general, we recommend you render at 3x resolution in each image dimension, then pass the result through “pfilt -x /3 -y /3 -r .6 orig.hdr > smooth.hdr”. I am sure this is mentioned somewhere in the tutorial, though I don’t have it handy.


Actually, I didn’t notice that, but you’re right, that’s a problem too!
Thank you for spotting that before I make further mistakes.

I think this is what I was looking for.
I haven’t read through all the tutorials yet, just the Tutorial for Radiance for now.
But this is really helpful, thank you very much.