Radiance simulations maintain 200 lux minimum

Caroline Prochazka wrote:

As my primary use of Desktop Radiance centres on the
changes in daylighting in a building as the glazing
type changes, should I expect to need a different -av
setting for each variation of the design?

As a principle, yes. Each variation will result in a
different "general illumination level", which is what
-av more or less represents.

What is
likely to be the greatest factor in setting my -av
number - does it sound reasonable that for the same
buidling geometry, I will probably find the same -av
setting works throughout all glazing variations? Or
will it be the date/time/location setting which is the
biggest player? or something else?

If the primary variable is the transmittance of the
glazing, then you can probably just scale -av linearly
with that. If there are other modifications involved,
you might still need to start experimenting from there.



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