Radiance International Workshop 2013

Greetings simulationists,

A couple months ago I polled these lists for consensus on dates for the
2013 International Radiance Workshop (which we are hosting here at NREL),
and we have settled on August 12-14 (Mon-Wed). The three-day format --
with tutorials on day one and presentations on days two and three -- seems
to have become the standard, so at this time I'd like to get some ideas
from you on what exactly the tutorial content should be.

In the past, the tutorial day has ranged from an HDR imaging workshop
(e.g. 2009-Boston), in-depth dives into new Radiance code additions (e.g.
2011-Berkeley), and in 2003 there were actually *two* tutorial tracks to
pick from: new feature deep dive with Greg Ward, and Radiance 101 with
John Mardaljevic (decisions, decisions!).

Now's our chance to flesh out what this year's tutorial day will look
like. A couple of folks contacted me off-list(s) to inquire about the
possibility of holding an OpenStudio training on that day, particularly
focusing on the use of OpenStudio for Radiance-informed energy analysis.
So, there's one idea. What else ya'll got? DAYSIM show & tell? HDR imaging
again? Feats of strength? Seriously, I'm interested in hearing your ideas
(and your intentions of attending) so we can decide if we're to have one
or more tracks, and what the content will be. So please, lemmeknow. I'll
probably gather up all of your responses and then put it to a vote.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in August!

- Googs

P.S. We will definitely offer tours of our new energy efficient campus
buildings as well. We have a 330,000 ft^2 net zero office building (where
the workshop will be held), super-efficient (and daylit) parking garage
and cafeteria, and, by the time of the workshop, a grid-scale test
facility with the most energy-efficient petascale supercomputer in the
world (PUE <= 1.06). And we have lots of mountains right next door!

Rob Guglielmetti
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Commercial Buildings Research Group
15013 Denver West Parkway MS:RSF202
Golden, CO 80401
[email protected]