[Radiance-general] wxfalsecolor on Mac OS (was: wxfalsecolor v0.1 binary download available)

Ah. That reminds me ...

Depending on how you start it, you probably don't have the Radiance
binaries in your PATH. If you use Terminal.app you can use your
~/.bashrc but if you want to click and perhaps drag an icon you need
an ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist. But if it can't find the binaries you
shouldn't be able to load the image in the first place ...

[moving this to code development]

On 10.5.8 / Python.org Python 2.5.4:
It starts, & I can view images. If I press "convert," however, I get a
"broken pipe" message from combineImages.

Does this work on 10.6?

It does here. "broken pipe" is usually the result of a binary not
found or a wrong command line. wxfalsecolor does not check the
settings in the text boxes, btw. If you give an argument that would
not work with falsecolor/falsecolor2 it won't work in wxfalsecolor.

If you set the DEBUG property of FalsecolorImage it will report all
command lines and how they are passed to Popen.




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