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Probably you'll need to say to ECOTECT where the RADIANCE is installed.
As you must say to Windows where is the RAYPATH.
You also have to pay attention to avoid blank spaces in your RADIANCE

A better solution is to use the Cygwin (in Window$$ OS) with the hotest
version of RADIANCE. The Windows version of RADIANCE (inside DESKTOP
RADIANCE) is out of date, as you know.



I am just starting to use Radiance. I would like to know how to import
from Ecotect to Radiance. I already have my building defined in 3D by
the software Ecotect, I tried it but it seems to have a problem and the
rendering image does not work. Does anybody had this problem before and
knows how to solve it?

In the documentation of Ecotest it was said that you have to create a
camera view inside the building and then exporting to radiance simply
but it could happen that there is an installation issue and the windows
that is supposed to appear disappear.

At this first step I really do not know what

High Christoph,

Sorry for writing to you directly. I still do not know the right way to
respond to a message on the Radiance-general Digest.

What "other Windows-based version of Radiance" do you mean in you message?
I know only about Desktop. Are there other Windows-based versions?

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Hi Fabienne,

You have to install Desktop (or another Windows-based version of
Radiance) before you can use it with ECOTECT. In order to install Desktop
Radiance, you can follow these instructions ->
lDesktopRadiance.html. Good luck,


-- Regards....


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