Radiance Development Environment

Hi, I’m setting up a development environment for Radiance. To do that, I need to figure out all the dependencies of each executable, and shame on me - so far I’m doing this by guess work and trial and error. There has to be a better way to figure this out…any pointers on that?


The information is encapsulated in the Rmakefile and CMakeLists.txt files in each build directory.

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Do you want to just be able to build it, perhaps with some modified sources? If yes, and you are on MacOS or Linux, I’d recommend you simply grab the source and supplemental files from here (https://www.radiance-online.org/download-install/radiance-source-code/latest-release), and use the makeall script that comes with it. (makeall install)

If you want to have your own go at it, or are building for Windows, I recommend you use the CMake build system that’s integrated with the source. It’s not great, but we are working on it as I type this. You’d need to get Qt, libtiff, X11 (*nix) libs all set up ahead of time.

Thanks, I actually would like to use Xcode, and I hear CMake can generate an Xcode project. I’ll try to look into this.

Hi Tmux,

getting around the RADIANCE sources can be pretty daunting initially; the source tree roadmap document got me started aeons ago, though I understand it’s no longer up to date. The authoritative dependency info indeed comes from the individual Rmakefiles.

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Yes, CMake does support the creation of Xcode project files (https://cmake.org/cmake/help/latest/generator/Xcode.html).