Radiance-daysim Digest, Vol 26, Issue 3

Thanks again. I have changed the output_units from 2 to 1 in my file*.hea
and saved it. But Daysim still considering illuminance sensors. How could I
reload my file*.hea in order to Daysim can consider irradiance sensors?
Besides, I have changed the sensor_file_unit from 0 to 2, but Daysim still
considering illuminance sensors.

Many thanks


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Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 13:06:46 +0200
From: Jan Wienold <[email protected]>
To: DAYSIM discussion <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: [Radiance-daysim] Radiance-daysim Digest, Vol 26, Issue 2
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Hi Abigail,

-for the solar transmissivity you can use the same equation.

-the pts-file does not contain the information about the sensor type. If
you want to change that manually, you have to do that in the header
file. Syntax please see here:
http://daysim.ning.com/page/keyword-output-units . If you have hundreds
of points, I recommend to write a script generating for you this entry
in the header-file.

-I haven't used the new version of DIVA yet, so maybe someone else can
answer this question more detailed. I know you can go two approaches,
either you define a node in W/m*m and run an annual simulation with
daysim OR you run an irradiation map with /gencumulativesky /,but I'm
not sure where to invoke the latter one in the new version.

good luck!

On 11/08/16 12:09, Abigail Chi wrote:
> Hi Jan
> To compute trasnmissivity (tn) from transmittance (Tn), I should use:
> tn = (sqrt(.8402528435+.0072522239*Tn*Tn)-.9166530661)/.
> But, how can I compute the solar transmissivity from the solar
> transmittance?
> Besides, can you help me with the following:
> - What is the way in Daysim to customize all sensor points in the
> file *.pts as irradiance sensors? This last in order to avoid
> customizing all sensors, one by one, in the sensor type column of the
> Daysim interface.
> - I am new in Diva-for-Rhino, but I have seen that it can
> calculate annual irradiation at node locations (radiation maps-grid
> based). Is this equivalent to the calculation of the solar irradiation
> in Daysim?
> Many thanks
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