Radiance 3.7.2 patch release

Well, another significant bug was discovered in the interreflection calculation of the new release, prompting me to create a new patch distribution, version 3.7.2. This may be found in the usual place at:


I have also recompiled everything under Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X, so the posted binaries contain the fix. The problem manifests in certain complex environments, causing severe underestimation on rare occasions, and didn't show up in my initial tests. It took me a couple of hours to track down the problem, and I spent a few more making sure I'd really fixed it.

Thanks is due to Mark Stock for creating the killer test scene and pointing out the error to me on the radiance-dev list over the weekend. Mark has been busy creating a new benchmark for Radiance, and will no doubt make an announcement to radiance-general when he feels it is ready for prime time. This of course requires that the new version of Radiance be ready for prime time as well...

I appreciate your patience in working out these difficulties. There were a great many changes in the latest release, and I'm not surprised to find one or two glitches. I hope this is the last of the serious ones requiring a patch release. I expect Peter A-B will update radiance-online shortly.