Radiance 3.5.0 Linux-Binaries for Alpha, Intel, Sparc

Hi !

For those without compilers :wink:

I have built binaries of the new 3.5.0-release for various Linux-platforms.
tarballs contain a directory called "radiance", you should copy it into /opt
set two environment variables (e.g. in ~/.bashrc): RAYPATH to
and PATH to /opt/radiance/bin (of course, you must append the previous
RAYPATH/PATH-directories... ;-). Here:

export RAYPATH=/opt/radiance/lib:$RAYPATH
export PATH=/opt/radiance/bin:$PATH

I have the new path-entries before the others, to make sure to override
releases of radiance. The binaries are all build on SuSE-Linux 7.x with
2.4.x-kernels, they SHOULD work on all recent Linux distributions - however,
cannot test that. The sparc and intel builds were done using gcc 2.95.3, the

alpha-build is by compaq c 6.2.

So here are the links:

Alpha / AXP, Linux 2.4:


Sun Hypersparc (v8) and later, Linux 2.4:


Intel x86, Linux 2.4:


I will do a gcc-3-based Solaris-build for ultrasparcs, too. However, as I
have a license of Sun's native compiler, I cannot build an optimized binary.
anybody out there who could do the build with Sun Forte C???

Please tell me if the binaries are working on your systems. BTW, if you are
going to use radiance on a regular base.. it's always better to build
software for
your specific configuration :wink:

Jeffrey: If you are going to build rpms, I think this would be great. I
think that one should build rpms for specific distributions, and I don't
have any
experience in that, but on the long run, it would be great for new users if
could simply pick a rpm or deb for their distribution without worrying about

PATH-settings, compilers and dependencies. I will take a look at rpm, if you
any further with this, please tell me (I have SuSE and Debian systems here,
well as Solaris, having its own package management).

CU, Lars.


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