rad3R7P1 avail

Hi folks,

Webpages at radiance-online are updated to rad3R7P1 .

For a change, the full tar file (including aux libs, TIFF libs and all) is now
called rad3R7P1all.tar.gz (8.6MB).

rad3R7P1.tar.gz (1.5MB) needs the "auxiliary files" rad3R7P1supp.tar.gz.

rad3R7P1 and the HEAD release had been identical as of 9. Aug 2005. As before,
patches are generated nightly between the last official (rad3R7P1) and the
current HEAD release.

As an extra, Greg has thrown in binaries for MacOs and Linux. The latter
were compiled here, which is a "Debian, i386, Sarge" Linux distribution. I'd
expect the binaries to run on other, reasonable current, Linux dists as well.

so much for house keeping,
happy rendering

Peter Apian-Bennewitz