Question on using Radiance for solar analysis

Hello experts, I am a new user here and I am reading the tutorials that are available in the website. I have a school project that require me to use any raytracing program and obtain the energy collected from a solar cell.

My intention is to use Radiance and create a square plate to act as a solar panel. Using daylight simulation (or DaySim?) to simulate and collect the energy (W/m^2) reading.

Is Radiance able to output the data per day for a simulated annual run? I wish to put the data into an excel sheet. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.

It is certainly possible to do what you require, and a Daylight Coefficient (DC) method such as DaySim should be well-suited to the task. I don’t know what tutorial to recommend besides the general matrix methods written up by @sarith here.

If you have more specific questions, do ask again.


Thanks so much Greg.