protate in MinGW Radiance and projections using pinterp

Hello Radiance users,

I have two questions (unrelated to each other). It would be great if you
can offer your insights.

Q1. I am trying to use MinGW version of Radiance in Windows (XP-vpc/7).
Everything seems to work as expected but protate command. The command
errors out with a "read error". This command seems to work fine and dumps
out expected results when I use it from Desktop Radiance installation. Has
anyone faced such issues with protate and is there a solution for MinGW
installation? Or am I missing something?

Q2. I was wondering if I can use pinterp to translate an angular
projection/fisheye image to a panorama. If yes, what should I watch out for
and how can this be done? If not, why not?