proposed feature: interpreting view names in rad


I am not sure whether this would break anything, but it would be a rather useful way of organizing renderings:

At the moment, I can pass a view name to rad using the -v parameter, and this will cause exactly one view to be rendered, which must have been named in the view= line in the rif file.

Now, this view= line can point to a view file, which may contain more then one view. I would have expected rad to render all the views in that file, but as -v is defined to render exactly one view, rad takes only one of the views defined in the view file and ignores the others.

I would propose to change this behaviour. If I call rad e.g. as

rad -v myview myoctree.oct

it would be very useful if rad would look whether it finds a view= line for myview. If it finds one defining one view, render that. If it finds one pointing to a view file, render all the views in that view file. If I call rad as

rad -v anotherview -v myview myoctree.oct

it should render all views defined in the view= lines for anotherview and myview, be it view files or view definitions inside the rif.

One reason this would be helpful is as such: I am currently working on a scene, which needs some view-dependent processing. So I have a script which does some work, cleans up, creates an octree, creates photon maps, and then calls rad. Now I would like to call the same rif-file for all of these, as it eventually contains the same information for all renderings except the views. And I cannot render all views at once, as I have to modify the octree before moving to the next "view group" (this translates to rooms in my example).

I am sure that there are other uses for this. What do you think? Is there any way people may have used the -v parameter that could imply the risk of breaking compatibility by introducing such a change?

Cheers Lars.


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