Projection type for Glare analysis


I have a question about glare analysis using Grasshopper and Honeybee.

I would like to use a fish-eye camera to take a luminance image, convert it to HDR format and measure DGP using honeybees.

There are equiangular projection, hemispherical prejection and stereographic projection for the projection method of the fisheye lens in Radiance.
Fisheye can be selected by “image based simulation” of Honeybee component, but the projection method of the fisheye lens cannot be set, and it is unknown.

Does anyone know which projection type of the fish-eye lens is used in the component of Honeybee “image based simulation”?

Any suggestions or expanation would be appriciated.


My guess is angular fisheye (-vta), but I really don’t know. Did you try asking on the Ladybug forum, rather than radiance-dev?

Hi Mr.@Greg_Ward
Thank you for your prompt replying.
I’ll do what you told me.