Projection Function of the Fisheye Lens

Hi @Clotilde_Pierson,

I read the Projection function of your tutorial and did not understand completely how to find the radial position of the vertical marker. I have pictured all my images with 5 degrees increment and want to find the radial position. It would be great to help me understand what I should do to do this step.

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Hi @masoome,

Are you talking about section 2.3.4 in the tutorial paper (using the second option described there)?
If that is the case, you should have one LDR image for each 5° increment with the vertical marker located within the field of view on the horizon line (the marker position would change slightly between each image). With an image editing software (e.g. Gimp), you can easily find the pixel radial position (x-axis pixel coordinate on the line of sight) of the vertical marker in each image. Knowing the mm dimensions of your camera sensor (that you can get in the camera specification), you can translate the pixel radial position in mm radial position.

I am not sure whether that clarifies it. Let me know otherwise!


Thank you @Clotilde_Pierson for your nice response. I am just confused about how to find the radial position of the pixel in the image. Am I missing a point here that is confusing me?


Hopefully, this figure helps:

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