Problems of accelerad_rcontrib

Hi all,
It seems that rcontrib from accelerad can not work recently. In the 3 phase simulation part, the result images are all black which is contraditory to the image using rfluxmtx of Radiance.

vwrays -vf $views/south.vf -x 900 -y 900 -pj 0.7 -c 9 -ff | accelerad_rfluxmtx -v -ffc `vwrays -vf $views/south.vf -x 900 -y 900 -d` \
    -o $vmtxhdr/hdr$p-$q/%03d.hdr -ab 10 -ad 65536 -lw 1.52e-5 -c 9 -n 24 - $objects/glazing$p-$q/glazingvmtx.rad -i \

image image

Besides, the image from the sun coefficients simulation part is all black,too. But the result with rcontrib is normal.

vwrays -vf $views/south.vf -x 900 -y 900 -pj 0.7 -ff | accelerad_rcontrib -w- -i -ab 1 -ad 1024 -lw 1.0e-6 -dc 1 -dt 0 -dj 0 -ffc -n 24 \
    `vwrays -vf $views/south.vf -x 900 -y 900 -d` -o $hdrIllSpace/hdr$p-$q/%04d.hdr -e MF:6 -f -b rbin -bn Nrbins \
    -m solar $octrees/glazing$p-$q/sun.oct

image db3fe4df1df6f4ad7697cb3a069268e

I guess there occurred some problems in the accelerad_rcontrib. I hope the author @Nathaniel_Jones can pay attention to it and check it. Thanks!
P.S.I have also created one post in the Accelerad Users Google Group.

Hi @lee,

You should remove the -w- argument from your command because this hides any warnings that we might use understand the problem.

You also did not include the model you used here or on your Accelerad Users Group post, so I am unable to duplicate your issue.

Hi @Nathaniel_Jones,
This is the model and script that I used(model).

vwrays -vf south.vf -x 900 -y 900 -pj 0.7 -ff | accelerad_rcontrib -i -ab 1 -ad 1024 -lw 1.0e-4 -dc 1 -dt 0 -dj 0 -ffc -n 1 \
`vwrays -vf south.vf -x 900 -y 900 -d` -o hdrIllSpace/%03d.hdr -e MF:1 -f -b rbin -bn Nrbins \
-m solar octrees/sun.oct

There is no warning from accelerad_rcontrib but the images are still all black.

Hi @lee,

Your messages say that you have display driver “0.0”, which is not a valid display driver. Can you make sure that you have an Nvidia display driver installed and no other drivers that would prevent your computer from accessing it?

Hi @Nathaniel_Jones,
I have checked the display driver and it is the only one installed.

As for this issue, how to check it?

Hi @lee,

This is not an issue I have experienced personally, but there are reports of it on Nvidia’s forum that may be useful for you: