Problem with genBSDF

Hi all,

I have a problem with my .xml files obtained by genBSDF. I obtain a weird
data format in Reflection scattering data section. This is an example:
0.13983950.13990250.14006050.13999150.14011450.... etc. Various numbers,
that compose the matrix are not split by comma like in trasmission matrix.
I ran the analysis in Ubuntu with these parameters: *genBSDF -n 2 -c 20000
-r -dj 1 -ds 0.01 -dt 0.05 -dc 0.99 -dr 50 -ss 100 -st 0.0001 -ab 10 -ar
128 -aa 1 -ad 2054 -lr 50 -lw 0.0000000001*

Therefore, I really appreciate if anyone can help me to create a right bsdf
both in trasmission and in reflection data.
Thanks so much.




*Andrea Zani*