Problem of out of memory in doambient


Does anyone know what causes the problem of out of memory in doambient? Actually my model is not too complicated, the rad file is around 7 mb, and the oct file is about 5.5 mb. And no special materials. If -ab is blow 5, the problem is gone, but the simulation is about 8h with -ab 4, which is much longer than I expected. Any hint?



The followings are the parameters I used for annual simulation with daysim. Btw, I would like to upload the rad files and pts files, but am not authorized to upload them. Who could please tell me how to get the authorization?
ps 4
pt 0.1
pj 0.9
lr 6
lw 0.01
dr 1
ds 0.25
dp 256
dt 0.25
dj 0.5
dc 0.5
ar 300
as 512
av 0
ab 4
aa 0.01
ad 1024
st 0.5
sj 0.7

Hi Aufalpen,

your ambient accuracy is incredibly strict. Usually you would expect 0.1 to 0.2 here. With a detailed scene (an octree of >5 MB is not what I’d call a simplified model) this will give a huge (=dense) ambient cache. You do not use an ambient file, so it has to be kept in memory.

Better switch off the cache (-aa 0) or stay wis settings at least >0.05.

Cheers, Lars.

Hi Lars, Thanks a lot for your reply! Yes, that is the issue causing the problem. Cool! I really appreciate it!