probing a radiance image, convert radiance to XYZ

Hi Jelle,

You're very close. Here's the command:

  ximage -ov ata/Desk.hdr | rcalc -f -e '$1=179*X($1,$2,$3);$2=179*Y($1,$2,$3);$3=179*Z($1,$2,$3)'

The factor of 179 takes you into standard units of candelas/meter^2 for the Y channel.



From: jelle <[email protected]>
Date: December 15, 2010 9:28:32 AM PST


I'd like to probe a radiance image using ximage -ov, but rather than read it's
radiance value, I'd like to know its XYZ color values.
I'm sure I should be doing something like:
"ximage -ov data/Desk.hdr | rcalc -f"
but my radiance is a little rusty it seems...

Many thanks in advance,