Prismatic glazing simulation in PMAP usingSiteco data

Martin Moeck wrote:

I am using a 1000W metal halide floodlight with a near parallel beam as a light source.

What floodlight would that be? Just curious...



      Rob Guglielmetti

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Martin Moeck wrote:

For redirecting light from a vertical light pipe onto the horizontal workplane at an incidence angle of 45 degrees, the easiest device seems to be a mirror/two mirrors mounted at the bottom of the pipe.

I agree -- this is the easiest way to get around the limitations. I also went the El Cheapo way and used a mirror in my lightpipe tests (see pmap webpage). As I understand it, Anthony wants to simulate an actual prismatic panel which transmits and redirects light coming from the pipe. This is certainly more elegant (and realistic), but simply not doable with the current pmap implementation. Anthony will most likely have to go the awkward way with a separate transmitting (nonredirecting) panel followed by a mirror in order to circumvent the limitations of the system. Come to think of it, do you need a panel at all, then?



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