Position of a 3D Model and Daylight

I have a question concerning models and their positioning in RADIANCE when considering the contribution of daylight. I have a model of a building with rooms at different levels, cut out from a bigger complex.
This means that, for example, my entrance is located at a level of (z= -5), a negative value, as z=0 is positioned in correspondence of a part of the bigger complex that is not of my interest and will not appear. While the model has to be absolutely rotated in order to have the Y matching the actual north of the place before being imported in RADIANCE, I am not sure if the model should also be shifted on the Z, for example, to reproduce the actual meters above the sea level…

Thank you for your help!

The z-coordinate is not used in daylight calculations, and the sun and sky are positioned at infinity, so it will not matter. As an alternative to rotating your model to align the Y-axis with due north, which is the usual procedure, you can rotate the sky the other direction to match your model.