pmap & photon ports


I am having a question regarding pmap again. On p. 9 the manual says:

"The incident flux from distant sources is evaluated at each port
and the sources are checked for occlusion. However, no interreflection calculation
is made; ports differ from illums in this respect. Photons are scattered by the port
upon emission as if they had passed through it."

The general approach rendering a typical architectural scene would be to use surfaces at the windows as photon ports. To account for any kind of shading devices, I would have to place the photon port surface outside these devices.

Still, almost every architectural simulation includes obstruction from nearby building, trees etc. Now, as far as I understand the manual, these obstructions would only influence my scene following a visibility test (so either blocking light or not), but e.g. the surface characteristics of geometry such as reflectance would be neglected. Is this the case?

Thank you, CU Lars.