Pinterp after pcompos or pcomb

Dear all,

I’m working on the post processing of a hdr image that I obtained using Photosphere and several LDR images.
Firstly, I applied a mask on the hdr file with pcomb.
Secondly, I used pcompos to crop it and then pfilt to resize it to a 800x800px image.
Thirdly, I applied a vignetting correction by using pcomb again.
After that, I wanted to apply a cosine correction, by using pinterp. However, the cmd keeps telling me “bad view file”. I had a look on the documentation and it appears that pinterp doesn’t work on files that were obtained by pcomb or pcompos.
So there is my question : how can I apply a cosine correction after using pcompos and pcomb ?

I also tried bypassing pcomb and pcompos by using Matlab, but after that, using getinfo on the output hdr, I lost many information. And pinterp still didnt’ work.

Have you any clue ?

Thanks a lot in advance


If you know what the view should be for your lens, you can always add it at the end with something like:
getinfo -a “VIEW= -vta -vh 180 -vv 180” < input.hdr > output.hdr

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your reply. It helped me to understand some things. However I might use it incorrectly. Let’s say my hdr file is called “output3.hdr”. This file was obtained by using pcomb, pcompos and pfilt on the original file : “input.hdr”.
Then, I wrote :
“getinfo -a “VIEW= -vta -vh 180 -vv 180” < output3.hdr > output4.hdr
Where “output4.hdr” is the new file which will contains output3.hdr information and the new one I just added. Well, that is what I thought but instead, the only response I get for “getinfo output4.hdr” is:
-a cannot open
VIEW= -vta -vh 180 -vv 180: cannot open

I think I misunderstood your first reply. Could you give me some more hints ?

Thank you in advance

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There exists a tutorial where all the steps are described in detail (including commands) to obtain a reliable HDR. This step of header manipulation is also described, as well how to determine the real viewing angle (most of the lenses are actually covering more than 180°).

You may have an old installation of Radiance, before the “-a” option was added to getinfo. What does “rtrace -version” report? The new option was added in version 5.1, released August 2017.