Photosphere 1.7 released

Hi All,

The HDRI list has been pretty quiet of late, so I figure it's time for an announcement. I just updated Photosphere to version 1.7 at <>. The biggest changes are to the HDR build function, which now has a "Skip Exposures" check box to eliminate unneeded exposures. The alignment algorithm also takes a little longer now, but does a better job in most cases if there is detectable rotation between exposures. If anyone runs across problems with this new feature, let me know. I did not offer a way to selectively disable rotational alignment vs. the standard (translational) alignment algorithm. It's either both or neither right now, and that's how I prefer to leave it.


Significant changes since 1.6 include:


Added the ability to expand the matte surrounding a panorama, trim
inside corners, and a second complimentary color.

Added option to fill the uneven areas around panorama with randomly
selected pixels, which mostly hides the fact that the result is

Fixed it so Photosphere can read a record list with nothing
more than the location (directory) and file name fields.

Added check for capitalization and typing errors on keyword,
subject, owner, and album entries. Added check for duplicate
keywords and comments in info window entries.

Fixed problem combining HDR images for some Nikon cameras, which
insist they have different flash conditions even though the flash
never fires.

Made it so control key works as well as option key for bringing
up thumbnail detail window on image in browser window.

Added recognition and proper display conversion for Adobe RGB
files (JPEGs) using conventional Exif identifiers. HDR output
is converted to CCIR-709 linear RGB space.

Added option for automatically skipping redundant, over- and
under-exposed images in an HDR capture sequence.

Added mode message to indicate when user is in a particular album.

Added auto-rotation of JPEG and TIFF images on input, TIFF on output.

Added understanding of 35mm-equivalent focal length in Exif header.

View parameters are now written out to Radiance files even
if the image has been cropped and/or rotated. (The view
up vector still isn't right after rotation.)

Added automatic rotational alignment to HDR build function.