OT: compiling on sgi

Hi all,

I appologize for the slightly off-topic request, even though
it actually *is* related to Radiance.

I am urgently looking for the possibility to compile some
software on an sgi machine under IRIX. Space and performance
requirements are minimal, and the whole operation should be
over within less than an hour per ssh. A functioning C
complier is mandatory (gcc is fine), a working installation
of Python 1.5.2 would be helpful, but isn't critical.
I could also live with a commercial service, as long as I
can afford the price...

If anyone knows of an installation where this would be possible,
or has one available, please e-mail me directly, so we don't
pollute this list any further.

Thanks for any pointers!



Georg Mischler -- simulations developer -- schorsch at schorsch.com
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