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A friend of mine, Ron Frankel, runs a company in LA that does previsualization for movie productions. He is interested in putting together a team of people that would be based out of London to provide previsualization services for US movie productions taking place in the UK and possibly elsewhere in Europe. He would be interested in talking with people who have experience with Maya and/or Softimage. Preferably with 3D modeling experience with either of these tools and ideally with modeling and animation experience. The one caveat is that people would need to be from the UK or elsewhere in Europe. If you are interested please send an inquiry to:

info@proof-inc.com <mailto:info@proof-inc.com>

Please feel free to reference this posting if you wish. To learn more about previs and what Proof Inc does check out their website www.proof-inc.com <http://www.proof-inc.com>

If you know anyone else who might be interested then please pass along the information. I believe that Ron is planning to be in London in early December to talk with people.

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