OS X - strange problem with Octrees

Hello all,

  I've been using Radiance now for a little while on a G4 at home that I've set up with ssh so that I can submit jobs to it while I'm at work. And I've run into a very strange issue that I haven't hit using Radiance on any other platform, and seeing that several here use Radiance on OS X I figured I ask. I bet it's something obvious, but I don't know enough yet about OS X's flavor of *nix to know what's going on.

So here's my problem: doesn't matter if I'm logged on local or via ssh, when I run Rad, and it generates an Octree, everything is fine and works. But if I try to reuse that Octree in the future, or in a later session, I get a strange error reporting that the system can't find some temporary file that appears to have a machine-generated name that's different every time.

What's going on? Why would there be anything temporary about Octree generation?

Thanks in advance,

Jeffrey McGrew