OS Compariton (WAS:Re: rad -n and -N parameters / switches)

Hi Randolph,

Great thinking! I like the idea already!

But could you give a bit more information?

It might be possible to get full Radiance going under Windows 7
Ultimate, which has a Unix emulation environment.

Are you referring to SFU (Windows Services for Unix, or SUA or Interix, or
how its called now)?
SFU has an (old) gcc compiler. (See: http://suacommunity.com/SUA.aspx)
(other tools are in the warehouse or developer packages).

However, doing this
requires development time and the purchase of a copy of Ultimate and
possibly a copy of the MS Visual Studio suite as well.

Why would you need MSVC? As far as I know MSVC only compiles win32 (or
win64) code, so no Unix, no fork and no NSF.

Oh, and one more thing, if it is SFU you are referring to, then it is also
available for Vista, (and XP with an hack).