Official Radiance 5.1 release

As announced at the recent workshop, a new, official release of Radiance (5.1) is now available for download.

This release contains a number of important bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with multiple records on picture output in rcontrib & rfluxmtx
  • Fixed Klems normalization (wrapBSDF)
  • Fixed old bug: -aa 0 ignored textures
  • Added MAX2SHADE macro to avoid long start-up times with many sources
  • Fixed orientation of Reinhart & Tregenza sampling in rfluxmtx

We also have a few new features, such as:

  • New getinfo -a option
  • Added genBSDF -recover option
  • Rewrote bsdf2rad for better BSDF visualizatons
  • Improved handling of “view” component in Klems & tensor tree BSDFs

Finally, we have some contribution updates:

  • Roland Schregle added multiprocessing to photon-map routines
  • Worked with Rob Guglielmetti to get it to compile smoothly under Windows (where MP is not supported)
  • by Mark Stock
  • evalglare fixes from Jan Wienold

The code can be found at:

Thanks to Rob Guglielmetti and others at NREL, installers are ready to go for Windows and Mac OS X, with a compile-ready package for Linux at:


P.S. Be sure to check out the workshop talks, posted by Andy McNeil at: