Official Radiance 3.5 release

Well, I'm a few weeks late from my initial target, but I hope this new release is worth the wait. I've uploaded the official 3.5 version of Radiance to the LBNL website, accessible via the main Download link from:

The prominent differences between this release and 3.4 are the addition of ANSI-C prototypes to the core libraries, and the creation of a new animation program (ranimove) and a new mesh primitive (mesh). I have also updated the HTML reference manual to match the troff version, and fixed the nasty avlmemi bug, at long last. For full details of what has been changed and added since 3.4, see the release notes:

Note that we have a new, OpenSource license agreement in place, also accessible from the Download page. I have posted the compiled 3.5 binaries for Mac OS X, but am waiting on others to contribute binaries for Linux, SGI, and Sun machines. (Volunteers?) I understand that it compiles without difficulty under Linux, but I don't have access to a Linux machine myself at the moment.

If you are interested in source code developments and CVS availability, subscribe to the radiance-dev mailing list at:


I've uploaded the official 3.5 version of Radiance to the LBNL website

Hi Greg,

congratulations and thank you, at least one good news in these bad days, I
will get the new radiance right now and try it,

CU Lars.


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