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Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 16:57:05 +0200
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hi everybody !!!!

my name is pillo. i m not new on this NG...

now i m in trouble with glare analysis, in fact it happens that DGI <


scene whit perez sky and simple glass primitive)

i think it means that DGI is very low (quite 0) (uniformity of luminance
in the scene and little glare sources dimensions..) BUT i m not sure..

if anybody does know anything about .....

or he has some trick to analyze glare with radiance....

i need your help,



Hi pillo,

I did some study on daylight and glare about a year ago. At that time I
tried the different rating systems in Radiance and ended up using UGR. It
seemed to give the most consistent results under different conditions, and
there are suggested values for different uses (if I remember well, it was 19
for offices and 21 was allowed when daylight is present) plus, it is the
official rating from CIE. DGI gave me some strange results in some occasions
(mine were too high). That`s my experience, but I would really like to hear
considerations from the more experienced.

Best regards,