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Although known to many users of this forum, I don’t believe the NLITED e-learning platform has ever had a mention on these pages. From the NLITED site:

NLITED is an educational programme for people interested in learning more about daylight and its potential to improve well-being and reduce electricity consumption. NLITED also wants to build a strategic European network to continue talking about daylighting and light culture.

It’s free to use. Though you have to register and, I believe, cover some basics before you can progress to other material. Naturally, there is quite a lot of material that is all about using Radiance for daylight simulation. For my module, B5.0 Fundamentals of daylight simulation, I prepared 14 video tutorials, each typically 15-20 mins duration. Whilst there is a Course Catalogue showing the modules, you can’t see what’s in the modules (that may change). Anyhow, here’s a listing of my tutorials (SM = Sub Module) for anyone who might be interested in signing up:

B5.0 Fundamentals of daylight simulation

SM1 P1 Introduction to lighting simulation and ‘why Radiance
SM1 P2 Module overview

SM2 P1 Simulating daylight: the basics
SM2 P2a Intro to rtrace for quantitative daylight simulation
SM2 P2b Creating standard and overcast skies normalised to supplied quantities e.g. diffuse horizontal illuminance
SM2 P3 First scene - ambient calc basics

SM3 P1 Ambient calculation I
SM3 P2 Ambient calculation II
SM3 P3 Radiance validation under measured sky luminance distributions

SM4 P1 Climate-Based Daylight Modelling I
SM4 P2 Climate-Based Daylight Modelling II
SM4 P3 CBDM (and other) metrics

SM5 P1 CBDM real world case studies
SM5 P2 Module summary and looking ahead

I don’t really know any more about NLITED than what’s on their website, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer any questions about the platform.

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Dear @John_Mardaljevic,
I recently completed your module.
It was a great learning experience.
Thank you for creating it. :slight_smile:

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