Need clear directions to compile BSDFViewer 1.3 on Linux 64

Serge Neuman <Serge.Neuman@...> writes:

I am definitely not an expert of Linux and do need clear directions to


BSDFViewer1.3_ubuntu_64.tar on a brand new installed Ubuntu in a VirtualBox.

For sure the sudo ./ is not working. I have spend some times to
figure out what is not working and then some times to find a post in which


full procedure is described. As I haven't found anything, I am now hopping


can help.


Actually everything was good, it is just that the shell finishes on a
warning and I haven't paid attention that's a warning and not an error. Fact
is the software seems to work fine.

Knowing that I have tried to install it on LinuxMint 17.1. There I had to
add -fPIC to MACH in the RMakefile and after the g++ in the . The
shell still finishes on a warning
"BSDF.h:105:8: warning: 'SDComp_s" has a field 'SDComp_s::func' whose type
uses the anonymous namespace [enabled by default]
struct SDComp_s {
Whatever, BSDFViewer seems to work well.