Need assistance to download RADIANCE for computer with windows


Im trying to download RADIANCE for computer with windows xp and have read
through the documentation regarding download but am still unable to do it,
my tek computing is limited.

I am trying to download from here:

found a tutorial here:

which brought me to what is perhaps an old webpage, as links are not

Other areas I have been searching on to try to download and install

hope you can help

Regards from BCN,



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You can find Windows installers on Francesco Anselmo's website:

Please read the package descriptions to decide which package is the best for your.

After the installation you may have to set an environment variable to point to
the installation directory. Please see the documentation (README) files included
in the package. I haven't done this recently so I don't know if it's still necessary.

All Windows installers miss some of the tools included in the Unix distribution.
You can replace things like 'ximage' and 'falsecolor' with raddisplay: