Multi-exposure image fusion algortihm

Hey Community,

I would like to generate a hdr image from multiple ldr images. My goal is to map pixel values (0-255) to W/m² solarpower via machine learning. I use a raspberry pi with raspberry hq cam (imx477). Unfortunalty I cant find any information about * genHDR (from… I would like to understand the mathematics behind the transformation. Could someone please provide further information or give me any tips for my project.

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Hi Paul,

You are already aware of hdrgen (Linux) and photosphere (Mac). Here is the download and documentation.

If you’d like a non-Radiance solution, here is a comprehensive explanation of the process, although I don’t know if it’s quite the method that @Greg_Ward used.

The basic method used in Photosphere and hdrgen is by Mitsunaga and Nayar:

T. Mitsunaga and S. K. Nayar, Radiometric Self Calibration, Proc. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 1999.

I have added a number of enhancements, most of which are described in chapter 5 of the second edition of Reinhard et al.