mosiac with mixpict? (was: Re: Transparent Textures in Radiance)

Hi Greg, hi list!

Using mixpict to achieve transparency can be done in one of two ways. The preferred method is to specify "void" as one of the alternate materials,

Sorry, first thank you for the reply, but I had better changed the subject line (I didn't because I wanted to add to the old thread, which was about transparency and mixpict, showing mixpict useage by an example). I don't want to map on a transparent surface, but an opaque one, to describe a mosaic. If I used the void modifier, I think I would have to model three surfaces, so that each surface takes one material modified by the mixpict "mask" - that doesn't sound very reasonable to me. So the question is still if I can use a mixpict-modified material as background in a mixpict modifier's definition, some kind of nested mixpict modifier.

Thanks+CU Lars.


Lars O. Grobe
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