modifications dates in HEAD tar archive

Greg Ward wrote:

Hi Peter,

Can you explain why all the file dates on the HEAD dump are zeroed out (set to 1970)?

greg@www:/www/$ tar tzvf radiance-HEAD.tgz|more
drwxr-xr-x apian/cvs 0 1971-01-10 16:23:05 ray

Hi Greg,
thanks for pointing that out.
Turned out to be a well known bug in cpio version 2.5 (see, a
version which is still shipped with the current Debian 'sarge' release.
The cpio archive packer is used to generate both the tar and the cpio
archives, as it has features which tar doesn't offer. The two other HEAD
archive formats, cpio and zip, had been unaffected by this.
Since this afternoon, the archives are generated by a locally compiled
cpio version 2.6, which has the above bug fixed.



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