Modelling fluoroscent lamps in Ecotect

Hello to the list, I am a new user of Radiance, analyzing buildings made in
Ecotect. My problem has to do with the installation of fluoroscent lamps in
Ecotect. I know it is not a major concern of this list, but i would really
appreciate any kind of help, because I must finish my diploma thesis soon.
Let me analyze the problem:

I have a building with many offices. Every office has 6 squares on the roof,
with 4 fluoroscent lamps in each square. Drawing in Ecotect I have to enter
a first point and a last point.
This points represents the last and the first of the lamp or something else?

How can a fluoroscent have a cut-off angle or a hot-spot since this lamp
works in 180 angles?

Last but not least: The first and the last point should be on x,y axis
representing the length of the lamp, or on z axis representing the height of
the lamp.

Thank you in advance for you time.

Sotiris Papantoniou
Senior Student
Environmental Engineering Department
Technical University of Crete, Greece