Mkillum - path oddity


When I invoke mkillum either via rad, or directly, I receive path errors:
mkillum -ab 0 -ad 1024 -av 10 10 10 testrad2.oct “<” glass1.rad glass2.rad > glass.rad
mkillum: system - cannot find function file “~matthews/materials/”

At first it was looking for ‘oakfloor.pic’, when I copied ‘oakfloor.hdr’ to ‘oakfloor.pic’ that error went away to be replaced by the new one above. All else is working fine. I’m running Radiance 5R2 on a Mac running Catalina. I compiled Radiance using Xcode, and run it under XQuartz.

Sorry for asking what I hope is a silly question.

Many thanks,


Is there a user account named “matthews” on your system? This path is trying to access a file in that user’s home directory. Maybe you should give the full path from root to the file, or add the enclosing directory to the RAYPATH environment variable?

Hi Greg,

What I did not realise is that mkillum would look through all of the contents of my materials file. The ‘matthews’ *.cal calls are buried in an old materials library that I use, and, while not called for in the octree being rendered, was still being sourced. All is runing smoothly after commenting out any function files in the materials file that are not present on the system.

So, it was a silly question, but also a good thing to learn.

Many thanks as always for your helpful replies.

Ah. The funny thing is that mkillum does not source auxiliary files (like *.cal) if run in single-process mode, as it only loads files required for rendering. However, multi-processing mode (-n > 1) attempts to “preload” all auxiliary files to maximize shared memory, and will attempt to load everything called for in your materials, even if they are not used.